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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
It's just odd that he is small, athletic and yet plays the run better than the pass. I mean this is a guy many thought would play safety coming out of college.
He's not ever going to be a safety, he just can't cover good enough for that. He's not a great LB either. He's bench material as far as that goes. He is good at ST's and I think that's how he stays in the league. Good ST's and as a back up LB.

With the off the field problems from DJ, Woodyard and Mays not being that great, Irving not showing much still, how can we not draft at 2 LB's in the draft next year. I doubt we find a gem like Miller again, partially because we will be picking last next year () but I'm hoping we can find a nice solid guy in the middle with our 1st or 2nd pick.

2013 Draft:

1) MLB
2) DT
3) OL
4) Safety
5) CB
6) DT/LB
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