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Originally Posted by Br0nc0Buster View Post
Just as I thought
I ask you to show me these haters that are obsessed with Tebow and you got nothing
There is not a single person on this message board of most likely any for that matter that has spent even half as much time tearing Tebow down as much as you suck him off
I'm not going to do any work. I came to be a fan. It was enjoyable with some posters, obviously not others.

10,000 posts over 2 and a half years or whatever is a lot more than 3 a day guy, just because not all of them are on here does not change the fact you spam Tebow arguments nonstop
Not doing postcounts again.

You watch and even to your acknowledgment participate in trashing other players, but the moment it gets turned towards Tebow you claim it is unfair and all of a sudden we are haters
Nothing has to be fair. Tebow is polarizing, that's all -- I've been doing this since his college days. I don't know if you're a college football fan, but the college boards are much more toxic (between all the rivals, Auburn/Alabama, Georgia/Everybody, Clemson/South Carolina -- not just Tebow). It carried over with Tebow from his college days, from day one. All these same things have be rehashed for 7 years.

Look, it's been fun, but agree to disagree. I think Tebow inspires both passionate fandom and passionate criticism, on TV, in the media, in the stands, and on the internet. You disagree, and see only an unusual amount of fandom, but not an unusal amount of dislike. We just have different opinions.
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