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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
Now that I think about it, can't argue with that. It is true, not everyone with a computer posts about Tim Tebow. The point is, it's not all that much. Average of like, 3 a day since I joined, and sometimes there are gameday threads that soak up a lot of them, and other posts, too.

Ah, this is stupid. Post count is the lamest subject ever.

Ummm . . . . I may have joined in the trashing. I thought the Broncos were wasting their time with him. The notion of "let's just keep having auditions" was stupid.

Again with the post counts. Done with that.

I'm aware of that -- just before you posted, I pointed out upthread how the lingering Cutler trashing was an example of why the Tebow talk will take years to die down. I made a prediction that both negative and positive threads will continue. So actually, I'm that one that pointed out it would be a continuation of past tendencies for threads about Tebow to be continue to be started -- no need to lecture on that.

Actually, what set you off is when I predicted that, in the future (and grounded in evidence of past quarterbacks being trashed) there will be negative threads about Tebow. Miss I. suggested that maybe Tebow not being an asshat would curtail that. I merely pointed out that, contrary to what you're suggesting, his non-asshattedness doesn't tamp down his haters. On the contrary -- they'll be posting in full force.
Just as I thought
I ask you to show me these haters that are obsessed with Tebow and you got nothing
There is not a single person on this message board of most likely any for that matter that has spent even half as much time tearing Tebow down as much as you suck him off

10,000 posts over 2 and a half years or whatever is a lot more than 3 a day guy, just because not all of them are on here does not change the fact you spam Tebow arguments nonstop

If you are gonna claim people who think Tebow sucks are as "obsessed" as you, you need to provide some examples

How you dont see the double standard I dont know
You watch and even to your acknowledgment participate in trashing other players, but the moment it gets turned towards Tebow you claim it is unfair and all of a sudden we are haters

Once the dream of Tebow as a starting qb dies, the Tebow threads will die as well
I give it a year or two before people stop caring about him(outside of people like you)

Difference between him and Jay is Jay actually plays, there is stuff to actually talk about in regards to his game
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