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Julius "Fluff"

"Face it. The Broncos fans are going to talk "smack". Let em. Talk is cheap. The Falcons do their talking on the field where it counts the most. Perhaps they think that because Brent Grimes is out for the season that the Falcons have become somewhat disheartened. They seem to think that Manning is somehow invinceable. We have two veteran cornerbacks that have played against him in both Asante and Dunta. Smith has coached against Manning defensively during his time with Jacksonville. The most advantageous intangible for the Falcons is they are playing at home. The Falcons just need to focus, execute, play with determination and not alow the hype concerning Manning to get into their heads. Determination and instensity must be the mantra of the Falcons this season. Respect all, fear none, and do the impossible is what the Falcons must do. There is no "try". Either "do" or "do not" as wise Yoda said in "Star Wars". RISE UP."

What a dumb ****ing post.

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