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Rodger's has also had about 3 times the attempts of Cutler.

You realize that Rodgers threw 2 near picks and both sides have had bad drops on both offense and defense right? Marshall just dropped a free touchdown right there.

The big difference in this game is actually #1 special teams and #2 the runningback for Green Bay is averaging 7 yards per carry.

That's the difference, not the QB's so far. Though you could try to argue Rodger's is doing a better job of audibling into the run, which may or may not be the case.

I personally think Greenbay's just calling a better game scheme wise.
Not sure what this has to do with Chicago will never win with this clown under C. Theeir D has forced GB into mistakes and their leader can do nothing more than turn ball over and allow easy scores for GB. Cutler isnt't a great QB good but not good enough. You dont get a rebuild indy every week.
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