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It's been disappointing. I knew they would be out in full force when the inevitable stumbles came along. But I thought they would be more like trolls out of nowhere. Not long-timers, heart-and-soul Broncos.

I've been around a while, and I'm not used to seeing real football fans more energized to throw the QB out than they are on the postseason.

Fitz absolutely crapped the bed for about 7 games this season, killing the Bills season. He is obviously questionable. But don't you think the Bills would be out of their minds with excitement if they had somehow stumbled into the playoffs?

This kid Tebow is different -- he inspires nutball love, but also somekind of strange negative toxin that makes people forget why they are supposedly fans of football.

There's a real game this weekend. Anything could happen. A slugfest. A turnover here or there from the Steelers. A long bomb from Tebow that hits.

You keep playing. You play 'em out. Because as long as you are competitive, you can win.

Broncos fans, all of us, need a good dose of what Rocky Balboa has to tell us:

Quoted for a re-dosage of truth.
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