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Ryan Clady

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I think the 2009 Broncos can win on the road but I want to see it before I believe they are for reals.

I really like their rookie WR #17, he has a legit shot for Rookie of the year with Cutler willing to chuck it deep to him.

Cutler, Forte, Marshall, #17 guy, they have a great offense, too bad their D is age-ed and they will need to replace Tillman, Urlicker, Briggs and need 2 safeties.
One key difference between this offense and the 09 Broncos - Denver had the best pass blocking O-line in the league, this squad has one of the worst (last year, atleast).

Add: Cute stat for tonight.

Cutler 6-0 in his last 6 starts with the Bears.

Packers on a 3 game losing streak from last year.

Bears are the hotter team.

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