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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Ty Law was off the field for how long when he was brought in to play a postion he never played his whole career!?!?

Florence was played nickel corner before. He was in our training camp all offseason. I know Florence isn't that 4.39 corner he used to be but I still think he can cover a 4.51 thrid WR. Again I'm not saying Florence is good I'm just saying he is at the very least as good as Carter.
So? He was still a very savy vet. Plus, he was savy enough to play a position he wasn't familiar with... he was just slow as hell and couldn't tackle for ****! Even if the ball carrier for some other reason bumped into him.

With the speed ATL has at WR... Ryan would look for Florence every time. Plus... what's all this bashing on Carter? It's not like the kid has not talent. He just needs to polish his technique. He is great depth. Carter has a higher ceiling... well he has a ceiling at least. Florence is on the downside of his career. Plus... we already experimented on signing former Charger CBs.

I am glad we used a roster spot on a young player over the rehashed vet for once.
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