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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
There are hundreds of media reporters in NYC. Anyone think someone is just stiring the pot.

Someone trying to get ahead.

Do yo Suppose that maybe someone was just sitiing around shooting the breeze and he overheard it.

Hey I'll bet it was some moron hater on here that sent him the info.

There has been something too good to be true about Tebow from the day he was drafted. He plays this humble aw shucks act but yet is leading this huge media push and does his praying and proselytizing publicly which to most looks more like glory seeking than just living his faith.

Even Schlereth has said on NFL live multiple times that he thought that there was an ulterior motive Tebow has had all along.

I bet he tought mCd was going to turn him into this great NFL QB and when mCd was canned his options turned into Jets as a WC QB or Jacksonville where he probably didn't want to go because the limited exposure compared to NY.

I bet he thought he could unseat Sanchez, or someone pumped him up to think he could.

Dude will be lucky to stay in the NFL if he can't be a factor even as a WC QB. He has Jarious Jackson and Bradlee Van Pelt written all over him.
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