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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
Load up on what depth? I'm not sure anyone has any depth, and if a player goes down it's merely filling in a roster position, but no points. I know I'm almost praying certain players get hurt, including the 2nd string.
1. I'm sure everyone will get hit with injuries at some point, and bye weeks will be murder on everyone. This makes it a more compelling league to me though. In an 8 person league everyone is balls deep in top talent. In a 10 person league everyone has at least one starting back/heavy side of a platoon on their bench and ample WRs and QBs to pick form in the event of injury. In a 12 person league it's a little tougher, but just a little.

In a 16 person league it's like a real NFL team where someone like Peyton Hillis or Mike Tolbert who has touchdown vulture potential is a real bench option/bye week play depending on match up. So you've just got to take your roster construction to the second level.

2. I'm pretty happy with my depth at everything but RB, which isn't horrible. Hell, picking the WR to play as my flex option is actually rather difficult.

The people who keep a healthier team through the first few weeks will likely pick up some landslide wins, but by the middle of the season we're all probably going to be quite happy if our team scores in the 80's carried there by a couple standouts and surprise contribution from some well chosen 2nd stringers.
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