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Mike Shanahan

"My name is _________ and I am the newly selected Executive Director at Children of Fallen Patriots. I am recently retired after 26 years of service in the Army - 10 enlisted and 16 commissioned - as a Special Forces medic and Infantry officer with 2 company commands in combat with the 101st.

I wanted to say thanks for all that you are doing for the Foundation and our kids. I have been following the email trails between Tabitha and you - beyond having the opportunity to continue serving, the Foundation's mission profoundly resonates with me every night when I tuck in my 3 daughters and contemplate my incredible good fortune and the sacrifices of thousands of our comrades.

I also wanted to invite you as our guest to our 10 NOV Greenwich Event which will feature Dave Petraeus as our keynote speaker and include grantees, active duty military personnel, and many citizens who serve our military through the Foundation.

I have included Cea on this email and she can coordinate the details with you.

I hope to see you in November,"


Bump because receiving an email like that gets me fired up to work harder.
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