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Bradley Roby

Week two will tell us a lot more about the west.

I'm not convinced the Chefs are that bad. The Falcons game was 17-17 at the half and Cassel basically **** the bed. Not saying they are a playoff team, but they'll get a lot of players back from injury/suspensions this week. Now if they go into Buffalo and get spanked, well that's another story.

I just don't see it with the Chargers. Now they had injuries too (Matthews, the tackle who's name escapes me), but they seem to have depth issues and age issues (Gates looked old to me.) They lack a big play threat at receiver too.

As much fun as it was to watch, the Raiders aren't as bad as they looked. Basically, their entire receiving corp is hurt. I think they have the best defensive line in the division (by far), and McFadden (assuming they don't run him into the ground) is a top 4 or 5 back in the league. Their issue is that Palmer isn't anywhere close to a franchise QB anymore (if he ever was.)
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