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RUSH DEFENSE: A-minus ó Von Miller's leap forward in this area could transform the unit; he carried over a strong preseason by continuing to shake off blockers and push ball carriers wide, setting defensive backs up for tackles. The improvement from January was palpable; after allowing Isaac Redman to run for 121 yards in the wild-card duel eight months ago, Denver held Steelers running backs to 68 yards on 22 carries Sunday.

Von will be a asset rather than a liability in the run game as the aforementioned player was for his entire career.

DT was not a liability against the run, Rob. He certainly wasn't the best at it, but he wasn't awful either.
He wasn't good in coverage, but Marty never needed him to be. James Hasty, Jerome Woods, Dale Carter and Reggie Tongue were so reliable that Marty could just rush DT every play. With DT and Neil Smith we never had to worry about pass defense. They got to the QB before he could make up his mind.
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