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Originally Posted by Bacillus Anthracis View Post
If that makes you feel better, then fine. If you think the O-linemen we have suit the scheme, fine. McFadden's 35 rushing yards that actually happened on the field during a real game say different, but okay. The fact that McFadden didn't do well in a ZBS before actually happened, but if on paper that doesn't matter, fine.

If the offense not being able to make a single adjustment in order to get production is okay with you, then you being okay with that is okay with me.

If you want to think Goethel was killing it in practice but blew 3 snaps in a game, cool. I have this crazy idea that he wasn't prepared because the ST coach sucks and Dennis Allen wasn't paying attention to what was going in camp.

And now one of our starting CBs is out and we don't have anyone to take his place. They got rid of DVD because he wasn't ready to start yet. Sure, he was a rookie last season and had never had NFL offseason before this year and had to learn a whole new system, but ****can the kid anyway. We won't need him... D'oh!

Does RM = Reggie McKenzie or does RM = Retard Magic? Right now it's the latter.

Just a couple of things... McFadden several times didnt see the seam backside where Veldheer and Carlisle got their guys on the ground and just ran right into the pile. The cutback was there 4 or 5 times he didnt see it.

Secondly if the GM hires a coach, and the coach commits to a system, no player, aside from a stud QB is bigger than the system, not even Darren McFadden. I dont see how you can give the guy big money when he has yet to play a full season. And with all the colleges running the inside and outside zone play, 1 cut runners are a dime a dozen.
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