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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Yawn. Your team has one more SB than ours, so don't act like you're the ****ing Steelers.
Matt Cassel hasn't given anyone reason to think that we're a SB contender.

Let me guess? You thought Denver was a SB contender when Orton was starting. High expectations come with realistic minds.
For a second we thought we were with Plummer. Thats why beating Steelers so important to Denver. If you can't beat them, historically for us that means we don't go to the Superbowl.

We only have 1 more Superbowl then Chiefs but we got to watch them both. I doubt you were a fan in the 70's were you? I was Born a few days before the Chiefs won the championship in january of 1970. I am going to be 43 yrs old soon. Thats so long ago its ridiculous to compare it to winning back to back Superbowls in the late 90's when all of us were fans.

Hell did they even call it a Superbowl back them?
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