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Originally Posted by Raider Bill View Post
But Hagan is just a possession guy, a carreer 11 YPC guy. Streeter probably figures to be the same type of reciever. Our 2 most explosive WR's were in street clothes.

Stupid how? That guy is dead. The guys Reggie brought in look like they can play a little. Wheeler (FA) and Burris (3rd round pic) upgrade our LB corps, and Streeter (udfa) looks like a decent slot guy. Bartell held up except for 1 catch and Spencer didnt have his name called all night.

Without the longsnapper fiasco it's a 1 possession game. And it would happen to any team, I seem to remember the NYG missing 2 field goals a few years back when their LS went down.
A lot of people think Chargers were without there best big play WR. They were without their best RB. So not like Raiders had worst more players missing.

Also what is Jacoby Ford and Moore done so far in the league. They showed some flashes that is it. Not saying they haven't shown flashes, but Ford is hurt all the time brother. I would write him off. Moore will end up a pretty good WR I think, but I wouldn't be too excited about him. He will never make plays like DT is making right now.
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