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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
They will need a new QB too.
Most likely yes, but they also could improve just with Palmer. Whats funny is they were better off with Jason Campbell. Unlike Palmer he knows his limitations and makes way fewer mistakes IMO.

I think the WR's are a big problem in Oaktown. They have some talent and speed but seem to run crappy routes, drop balls, and don't make enough plays.

I think they have some decent WR just not a true stud he QB can go to. The QB ends up having to throw over and over to Darren McFadden. No wonder the kid gets injured every yr.

But lots of teams going with rookie qbs. Maybe the Raiders can draft Barkely if they do really poorly this yr. But I'm not sure Barkely going to be that good. He sort of just throws the ball up for those SC wr to out athlete the players defending them.
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