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Wes Welker

Things Chiefs fans do in the 4th Qtr:

1. Sell more meth to the rest of the fans in the parking lot running away...
2. Pick up the kids from their grandma's house (also known as his sister's house)
3. have the kids distract the police while they steal some ingredients to make meth
4. Go home and make more meth
5. If they still have any teeth left after doing all the meth, go home and put it back in the dog's mouth for safe keeping
6. have the kids go door to door selling meth
7. Use money from meth to buy new blocks for the camaro
8, after using a bit of meth, lay in front of lawn mower and have kids reshape mullet
9. Post grossly inappropriate posts on a clearly superior team's bulletin board and get banned (at some point one can only hope it becomes a perma-mullet ban)
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