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I forgot about mcfadden, but he needs to see the holes better, a couple of times Veldheer and Briesel got their guys on the ground backside, and he ran right into the pile.

You do not make coaching hires or base schemes on your current running back. The only player on the team you might do that for is a star QB. The teams overall philosophy is more important than any one player.

I think a lot of Raider fans aren't used to having an actual orginizational philosophy besides just overpaying everyone in site, throwing it all together and hoping it works.

Second of all, we couldn't open up the field last night. The lack of Moore and Ford working over the middle and down the sidelines really hurt us. The Chargers committed 8 in the box on almost every play and weren't scared of any deep balls, and you're blaming the blocking scheme?

That said, if we don't lose our longsnapper it's a game we very well might have won. Yeah it sucks we didn't, but there was nothing out there last night that made me think we're doomed.
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