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I don't care what anyone says, trying to put a positive spin on how the Raiders played is a dual exercise in denial and futility. The defense looked good but the rest was a crapfest.

Greg Knapp sucks as an offensive coordinator. He's been with 5 different teams in 10 years and has never held an OC job for more than two--he's been fired from every OC job he's ever had. And it ain't because his offenses were scary good.

A WCO combined with a zone blocking scheme: and not a single player on the team whose skillsets fit those schemes. I've talked about that before here but even I didn't think it would be that bad. And it'll stay that way. It'll improve a little and there'll be a good game here and there, but what we saw last night from Knapp is the same thing we'll continue to see: unimaginative, predictable, and unable to make adjustments.

And it was Dennis Allen that hired him so the blame is equal. And Reggie McKenzie hired him.

As far as blaming it on the injury to a longsnapper, here's the deal. Why was the backup so inept? Whose job is it to see to it that in the case of something like this, we don't turn into a peewee football team on punts? It's the special teams coach and the head coach. Our special teams were good but we let that coach go and brought in a new one. Good job DA.

Dennis Allen ran his mouth about discipline and attention to detail all throughout the offseason. But instead we get ineptitude and disaster.

It's sad to say that this team would have been better if Al Davis hadn't of croaked.
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