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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Raider Bill View Post
Those things go both ways.

There was 6 points in the back of the end zone to Hagan if he put another inch of air under the ball.

Streater had the long pass hit him in the hands down the sidelines, If Taiwan Jones catches the pitch from Reece, that play goes for 7.

If streater just falls down we're scoring at least 3 points.
Sure. I do know that the Chargers have had your number for, what, 8 years now? That's something that hasn't gone both ways. Nor has the fact you guys collect more yellow laundry in one game than all the mothers in Pittsburgh in a week.

You guys are the same, self-imploding Raiders. And you fans are the same: Preseason talking about how you're "taking the division," week 1-3 is excuse week, and then disappear by mid-season.
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