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Originally Posted by tsiguy96 View Post
getting a masters sucks, not only did my loans interest skyrocket, i still make less than a lot of entry level bachelor jobs.
One of the reasons I can't **** or get off the pot on my decision to go to graduate school. School will always be there, but I have been trying to dial down my undergraduate debt as much as I can. Preferably, within the next 12-18 months, all my non-school debt will be paid off and I can strictly focus on school.

It has never been about the money to me, but I don't know if I want to go and get a Master's just to be able to teach. At best, I'd be doing entry-level courses at a school en route to a PhD, but I'm not sure 20k + is going to be worth it if I end up teaching high school civics and social sciences to make less money than I do with a Bachelor's now. Though, I enjoy that sort of environment a lot more.

At any case, MightySmurf -- proud of you for challenging yourself and furthering your schooling. A part of me regrets not going the engineering/computer science route because I was intimidated by mathematics and all that stuff. I did fine in math when I tried, but I never liked putting in the extra effort to get A's. Everything else in the world came easy to me but math. Sucks, cause my pops is a math whiz. Guess I got the stupid math gene.

Good luck to you, and EmpireOrange may have been a guiding light for you.

But follow your heart and bliss.

It'll all work out.
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