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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
KCStud is such a loser. I'm sure this last weekend was a pretty bitter pill to swallow. He had honestly talked himself into believing Manning sucked, the Broncos were garbage and the Chiefs were awesome. Imagine seeing the opposite of what you thought was going to happen. Now imagine you're a Chiefs fan that hasn't won a playoff game since you were ten and Peyton Manning wouldn't even meet with your front office. It's got to be a miserable existence. It's not Brown fan bad, where they are even more terrible and live in Cleveland, but it's pretty bad.
It's true. After last night's game I felt that wonderful feeling that I haven't felt since Elway was behind center. But, I was in the same job, same house. It's certainly not a distant memory. Poor ol' KCStooge has never felt like that. Not once in his entire lifetime. Well, if you don't count preseason. I'm sure KCStooge feels on top of the world every preseason but those of us who know, know it's just not the same thing.
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