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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
I feel dirty rooting for Mizzou now. I've always rooted for them but I absolutely hate the SEC when it omes to football. Mixed feelings there. Since both teams are SEC, I reluctantly root Mizzou.

Michigan doesn't even belong in the rankings. Down to the wire with a f'ing service academy... Last week it was "Alabama is just too good." This week it's "Air Force was just almost too good?" Time to face it: Michigan sucks still. I'll continue to look forward to the day they turn that program around but I really thought this year would be better. Of course, that's when I thought that wannabe QB was going pro.

Louisville won again. A very solid win over Missouri St. Unfortunately, they have garbage on their schedule and their conference is garbage so there's not really anything to look forward to.

I hate the conference realignment of late. I wish everyone'd just stay put.
Michigan flat out sucks and was a joke at #8 in the rankings.

and I got a kick out of Arkansas losing, so much for that SEC powerzzzzzzz
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