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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
It's not going to matter. Ohio State isn't eligible, so even if they have the most wins in the division, they can't participate in the championship game. Nor can Penn State. That leaves Indiana, Illinois and Purdue to challenge them for the division title.

The B1G Championship Game will be Wisconsin vs. MSU/NU/UM.
I dunno, dude. You certainly know more about the Big 10 than I do, but Wisconsin looks REALLY bad this year. BTW, Oregon State was supposed to be the worst team in the Pac 12 this year (its prolly Colorado), so its not like they are any good. Wisconsin looks awful. If Scheelhause (sp) is decent, Illinois could concievably win that division. Purdue didn't play bad against ND, either.
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