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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
**** SoCal....I didn't realize Kansas State beat Miami 52-13.

I didn't see any of the K-State that good, or is Miami that bad this season?
34 of the 44 guys in the two deep are freshman or sophomores so our guys, while talented, aren't physically ready and the game is still going too fast. I'm not going to blame our staff because I truly believe in this staff, esp our HC. Almost a third of the starting defense is true freshman. This is probably the youngest team in the entire country, especially on defense. There is zero pass rush from the DL. Like the Broncos from last decade, except worse. We just had a great class come in this year, but they are all forced into the fire immediately and that's just not going to work well in the short term. It's not realistic to expect good things.

Kansas State is a very good team. QB has a ton of grit and is a playmaker just like he was against us last season and they have some good weapons on both sides of the ball. A really well rounded and well coached team.

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