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Tonite's signing at Bookends in Ridgewood NJ was awesome. Great turnout. Just goes to show you that Floyd's got fans all over, not just Syracuse and Colorado.

I think saying what he said on Sirius today (and obviously in the book) was very cathartic for Floyd. He has been holding his feelings in about the Broncos for a long time. He was tired from doing day-long interviews but truly pumped up by the fans who came out to see him tonite.

When you read the book, you'll see that the Broncos cheapness at his Hall of Fame tent party was NOT an isolated incident. He mentions several instances over the years of nickel & diming.

Truth is, there are more shockers in the book beyond the Broncos and how they treat former players. Floyd talks very candidly about other things especially about someone who is HUGE in the media.
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