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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by The Moops View Post
I did not hear the Sirius interview but whatever Floyd said is true and then some.

Floyd goes on a tirade about the Broncos in the book about the team being "cheap." It's not what the Broncos pulled during his HOF weekend but a series of things they've done over the years.

When you read the book, you'll see ... and believe me, he toned it down. Floyd is angry about the way the Broncos have treated him and other former players, but more than anything else he's hurt!
I remember reading in the 1st book that he had to stand in line for SB XII tickets with the rest of us. I could never figure out why they treated him like that. they couldn't send him a letter asking if he would like the option to buy a SB ticket?

He should have been a community liaison and used to reach out to the fan base and the NFL Community at large.

They brought Elway back, why not have Floyd back a couple times a year to promote the Broncos to us old fans or even have him talk to the media?

The sad thing is that if this is how they treat "The Franchise" then guys like Upchurch, Odoms, Gradishar, Wright, and Thompson have no chance or support at all.
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