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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Like how you were wrong about us game-planning?
So if I was wrong (and I don't know that I was), it somehow makes you right about things you're wrong about? My one mistake makes your willful ignorance correct? Or is it possible that two people can be wrong about something? Or is there some sort of invisible balancing force in the universe that distributes right and wrong opinions equally in order to keep it all from collapsing in on itself?

One more thing. All teams in the NFL gameplan for one game in the preseason every year, but Denver didn't do that this preseason?

So either A) The Peyton Mannings never gameplanned, unlike every other team in the league does every single year, or B) They gameplanned a different game and looked like complete crap doing so.

If A is the case, then it's highly exceptional.

If B is the case and they gameplanned for a game that was not the San Francisco game, then you guys are in deep trouble because outside of that, Manning's looked horrible.

Occam's Razor says that the simplest explanation for a given thing is probably the best explanation. Therefore, according to that, Denver looked good against SF because they put together a plan before the game.
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