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Just started listening to 4th audio book. Im about 2 hours in and I was wondering where the hell are the main characters. I was getting so bored I had to check the net and see what was up. I was pissed to see that 2 of my fav characters are not in it (Snow and Tyrion.) And my other fav character is hardly in it. (Arya.) Im going to have a hard time gettng through this book. Its like reading a Harry Potter book with no Harry in it.
This is the critique I was making earlier in the thread -- Martin doesn't seem to be able to bring things back home and wrap up like a novel should. He keeps starting new character subplots, more moving parts. Just wait until you that some of them come to nothing, and have no effect on the overall plot.

He writes like he's writing for a weekly TV show that never ends, rather than a novel.
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