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We dont need the second coming of Lester Hayes out there any more.

I mean who hell are Ladarius Webb and Cary Williams?

If you are doing the right things up front, you dont need all world cornerbacks, you just need guys who are competent.

We upgraded our DL depth with Dave Tollefson and Desmond Bryant.

We upgraded our SSLB with Wheeler, a true linebacker and not a 3-4 edge rusher masquerading as a 4-3 OLB.

Bush hurts, but Goodson and Taiwan Jones provide RB depth, and with the cutback and vaseline scheme it really doesnt matter, you can plug anyone in back there, remember?

Losing Wimbley hurts the pass rush margainally, but by all accounts Seymour and Kelly are playing with a renewed enthusiasm, and the push they provide right up the middle shortens the edge for the DE's and blitzers. And we were missing Shaughnessy for 15 games who was a young improving pass rusher.
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