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Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
The last few Jerseys I have bought have all ended up traded
to other teams, or retired within a year of getting them.

Cutler.. team store ... traded ......check.

Sheffler store... traded..... check

Marshall store...traded....check!

Smith ( 80) store.... check ( retired)

and last year.....Tebow.....(AUTHENTIC).....traded.....Chec k!

( Note: this was a gift that I really didn't want because of
the previous history, but accepted reluctantly ( and insisted
on paying for)).

I am not buying any more jerseys, because I seem to have
the knack of picking players that demand trades the next off season
or generally are moved for other reasons ( GM attitude and such).

Now you know....blame me for the loss of all the above players. (never mind their attitudes and results)
thanks for buying the Tebow. Without you.... well you know.
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