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They basically replaced Wimbley with Wheeler and Dave Tollefson who had 5 sacks last year to Wimbley's 7 or whatever it was.

While the Raiders won’t be looking for Phillip Wheeler replace Wimbley’s pass rushing abilities, it is worth noting that while playing linebacker at Georgia Tech he totaled 18.5 sacks in 3 years from the linebacker position. One scouting report had this to say of Phillip Wheeler about his time in college “considered by many as one of the nation’s best-blitzing linebackers”.
He was playing in a backpedal in Indy. He is a downhill player and not as big of a liability in coverage as Wimbley was.

People overrate Routt. He has zero feel for the game and is only good turning and running with a guy. We figure to run a multiple look defense and not the dopey single high safety, no blitz, every snap with man outside.

I think he will struggle in KC much the way Asomougha did in Philly when asked to do anything but get his hands on the receiver and knock him off his route.
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