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Bucs and Broncos should man-up and admit their mistake. Bravely cut their losses and do what's right for each team: swap Brock Osweiler straight up for Lavonte David.

We all know what's happened with DJ Williams, and thus why Lavonte David was right for us, would've made us a better team. At the same time Josh Freeman's inaccuracy and slow adaptation to the new offense is "causing growing concerns" (see below). In Osweiler, the Bucs would've scored the rare 'same-size-as-Josh' QB, one with a more accurate arm.

Get it done, Bucs and Broncos ... don't worry how it looks, just do what you need to do to make things right.

And can you get it done before all the drama starts up this afternoon?

All this in just the past 10 days ... he's getting worse, not better.

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