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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
A couple of nice articles on Russell Wilson:

Russell Wilson aims for greatness

I'm pulling for Wilson! It's about time that smaller, quicker QB's with great speed and cannon-like arms began to dominate in the NFL! GM's and Scouts always worry about height for a QB, and wonder if he will be able to "see over lineman" and have a greater "view of the field of play." Well, when you can move like Wilson, have his intelligence, work ethic and arm, I happen to believe QB's that size with those traits will find SUCCESS in the NFL, IF they can remain HEALTHY!! It's been happening slowly over the years, and this "change" will really make a much more exciting game for fans!! I really hope such guys will open up the offenses in the league, as well as change the way defenses play too!! GO RGIII ('cept when you play against our Broncos)!!

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