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1. Oakland's projected started cornerbacks are Ronald Bartell and Shawntae Spencer. Both players are 30 years old and were released by their previous teams. The Raiders figure to change from their decades-old approach of cornerback and the pieces from the previous regime don't necessarily fit.
They were both injured, both are fine now.

2. Starting middle linebacker Rolando McClain hasn't performed to his draft level and he's facing 180 days in prison. If McClain has to go to jail during the season, untested third-year player Travis Goethel is projected to start. The other starting linebackers are Aaron Curry and free agent pickup Philip Wheeler. There are a lot of moving parts here. There aren't many difference makers.
Phillip Wheeler is a much better player than you are giving him credit for here, and miscast in that dopey Tampa 2 defense in Indy.

3. The defensive line should lead the way, but it's worth noting Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly are not exactly ascending players. Seymour is the consummate pro but he can't be expected to dominate at age 33. Seymour is set to make $15 million, a figure worthy of a dominating player. Kelly will make $6 million.
It's also worth noting that Ty Warren is 31 and Justin Bannan is 33........

4. Allen would love to show 3-4 fronts this year, but he doesn't yet have the personnel to do it.
Funny, he's already done it.

5. This is a defense is transition. We know Allen is creative, but there are no easy answers with a cornerback group as shaky as this one. This team finished 29th in both points and yards allowed last year.
So we're going to have "too many moving parts" and lack continuity, but we're going to be worse because of last year's stats

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