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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Yeah we didn't game plan either and that didn't hurt us.
Yes you did. That was all the talk before the game by the announcers. This was the Denver Peyton Manning's dress rehearsal and the first time they were going to play like they would in a regular season game.

And I'm loving that your answer to Carson Palmer going the entire preseason doing nothing but throwing picks. I am sure not throwing a touchdown since new years day is easily justified with "Were jus gonna run all the time dood" on the legs of glass running back McGee.
I'm not high on Palmer or the this offense that replaced our last one. I've said that multiple times here. I acknowledge the bad picks he's thrown and I know that that's different from the ones that have bounced right off a receiver's hands.

And what's wrong with pointing out that we threw the ball way more than we would in a normal situation? That's just the truth.

You wrongly conclude that me giving a bigger picture than what the stats say is that I think our offense is going to be a prolific scoring machine. It's not. For analysis like that, ask 9175; he seems to enjoy perpetuating the Raider fan stereotype.

When we put 25 points on you in one half, really excited to see come from behind by running.
25? That's an odd number of points to score. That's what, 3 touchdowns, a missed extra point, a field goal, and a safety. Or three touchdowns and two safeties. Or 4 touchdowns and 3 missed extra points. Or seven field goals and two safeties. Or 11 safeties and a field goal. Or six field goals and a touchdown (with the extra point). Or two touchdowns, three field goals and a safety. Or...

Why not just make it an even 70 and predict ten touchdowns?
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