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Wesley Woodyard

Originally Posted by Fight_On! View Post
I would say most Donkey fans have been myopic since PM's signing. Yes.....myopic.
Are you repeating the word twice cause you want to show off your linguistic strength? Myopic is a good word for a raider fan.

You understand why we drafted Brock Osweiller right? He may or may not develop, but the team is being built for both the now and the future. We've got a lot of young D talent and the current FO is pretty focused on bringing in good veteran FAs and trying to make smart draft choices.

Also, if you look around this board you will see a lot of the Omane community saying Peyton may not get us to the promised land, but his addition gives us a better shot than not having him. If you didn't happen to notice, we were picking 25th in the draft so the best QBs weren't available and there wasn't a lot of faith in Tebow. So we got the best QB free agent available. Even if we don't get a superbowl from the pickup, we solved a problem with TT and allow us some time to find a long term solution at QB.

If you want to call that myopic, its your prerogative, but I think thats incredibly short-sighted.
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