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Originally Posted by Raider Bill View Post
Hyperbole my ass. Slot corner may as well be a different position. Neither of those guys played the slot. I live in the Philly area and am subjected to Eagles games every week....Hanson got lit up by Wes Welker but so did half the league. He is a solid slot corner. If not for Boykin playing so well they would have kept him.

Hanson represented an upgrade so they picked him up. McKenzie was scouting him earlier in the preseason

From Adam Brandt's twitter

as far as McKenzie goes

McKenzie was pretty dialed in to current players. I will trust his judgement over some guy who cant even hook on with a team so he spends his time second guessing from the sidelines.

Let's see what Ron Wolf has to say

What exactly are horseface Elway's credentials again?
I guess we will see just how good McKenzie really is. As for Elway, all he has to do is listen to his scouts (his own McKenzie's) and then draft or bring in FAs or trim the fat according to their recommendations. This crap ain't hard.

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