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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Raider Bill View Post
That Tweetybird looking mother****er isn't going to last 6 games. 96 million for a guy with a broken neck... hilarious.
Fun fact: Bone fusion makes the area stronger than before the injury. Manning is less likely to break his neck than your cornhole loving int machine.

And it's not like Manning is injury prone. He never missed a game before the neck issue.

So to recap: Manning neck is stronger and he's always been durable. The real issue is loss of arm strength due to nerve damage. Ask the niners defense how his arm strength is.

But keep pretending "he's one hit away" from exploding open like the crappy gas station condoms you low-class Raider fans are always pulling out of your girlfriends/soon-to-be-baby's mamas. It will make it more fun when all your Raider dreams are crushed again.

Thanks for the division, by the way. I mean it's one thing to beat you guys, but when you lose for us and just hand the division our way on a silver and black platter, that takes an extra level of fail that you just don't get from the normal bad franchises.
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