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Originally Posted by Bacillus Anthracis View Post
No one's excited about the 3rd team offense. The first team offense looked decent enough against Detroit and that's all that mattered. And even then our pass to run ratio was nothing like what it's going to be in the regular season. But Detroit actually gameplanned for that game as did we. This was unlike your dress rehearsal where SF kept out 3 defensive starters and didn't gameplan.

We'll see what happens when the real games start. All this is just **** talk in the meantime.
Yeah we didn't game plan either and that didn't hurt us. We put up 17 points in 12 minutes. If we were actually game planning for them we probably would have annihilated them by more.

And I'm loving that your answer to Carson Palmer going the entire preseason doing nothing but throwing picks. I am sure not throwing a touchdown since new years day is easily justified with "Were jus gonna run all the time dood" on the legs of glass running back McGee.

When we put 25 points on you in one half, really excited to see come from behind by running.
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