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Originally Posted by ohiobronco2 View Post
There is no shame in that. Alabama is ridiculous. Michigan just does not have the depth in their lines to compete at this time with a team like Bama. In a couple of years they will have the horses. Alabama has all the advantages that being in the SEC brings when it comes to scholarship counts and proximity to top notch talent. I do think that Hoke pretty much conceded this game from the start though. He tried to make Denard into a pocket passer, because he knew he couldn't win this game, so he asked him to do something he really isn't adept at in order to protect him for later on in the year. Michigan's goal is to win the Big Ten, not a NC right now.
Yep....I'm not sweating it.

A lot of the players Rich Rodriguez recruited there for 3 years don't really match the type of player Brady Hoke, Al Borges, and Greg Mattison are looking for.

Last year's 11-2 record may have give some people unrealistic expectations.

They need a few very good recruiting classes to restock the cupboards and bring in the type of players and talent they need.

They have a QB coming in next year in Shane Morris that should be a blue chip stud and a lot more of the type of passing QB that Al Borges is looking for to run his offense.

Michigan is a program that is building something good....and it will probably take a few years before they can hang with powerhouses like Alabama.
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