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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
Get off the ledge....Michigan Football will be fine.

They simply don't have as much talent as Bama does right now.

Michigan have a Top 5 class coming in.

Give Hoke a few Top 5 recruiting classes to restock the team's talent level and they'll be kicking some ass.
Umm.. give me a few top 5 recruiting classes and I could probably win some games. Half their schedule is usually against teams with nowhere near the talent level they field.

Luckily Alabama took the foot off the pedal or it could've been a 60-14 kind of game. I'll give Hoke a chance I never gave Rich Rod but.. FFS.. at least make the f'ing games competitive.

I understand college coaches can win or lose a championship based on their recruiting classes but the guy's gotta be able to do something even when his team is outgunned. Tonight's scheme was "throw it up, see what happens". That's the kind of gameplan even these illiterate ass players could come up with - not the kind of gameplan we expect from the coach of the f'ing University of Michigan.
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