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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
What is Millerís ceiling? How good can he become? I asked Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. whether he thinks Miller can become the gameís next well-rounded star at linebacker. His response was eye-popping. Williamson has been in NFL buildings. He knows scouting. He does not major in hyperbole. Iíve always found his analysis of players to be level-headed and without nonsense.

OMG Rob! Did you call Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc.? Seems you did with your post. Why don't you put the link again so we all know this is from the blog and not your opinion.
ORRRRRRR, why don't you actually put your opinion in the post instead of doing the cut n paste variety. You actually came back to this thread to answer a poster's question from not yourself but a blurb from the linked article. OMG! Seriously, try doing something different. It might help. At least link the article again as it isn't an original thought by you. Then again, is there ever when starting a thread (and now just posting in it). What a bot.
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