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Rahim Moore

Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
Michigan was looking respectable last season. At this rate, they'd be struggling against Appalacian State again. I don't know how to spell Appalac... Whatever.

Robinson has always been garbage and I recall thinking he was gone. This is like that dream where you dream your wife left you for the loser but then you married a stinking rich playboy playmate. Then, you wake up, and you're still married to a 350 lb sweater with a mustache. My dreams are crushed, my hopes ruined, and I'm forever stuck with a loser.
Oh, come off the ledge. Hoke went 11-2 first season and a BCS win–more than any other team in Big Ten can claim last year. A week 1 ass kicking by the defending champs doesn't do anything but end your National Title hopes. Big Ten is well within their reach again, with everybody looking vulnerable.
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