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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
They are playing the defending national champs...this was to be expected as far i'm concerned. Robinson doesn't seem to have done anything to improve his passing skills.

Martinez from Nebraska on the other hand seems to have improved his passing skills dramatically. They are also extremely deep at the RB position. If they can shore up that defense, they could be the team to beat. We'll see.
Michigan was looking respectable last season. At this rate, they'd be struggling against Appalacian State again. I don't know how to spell Appalac... Whatever.

Robinson has always been garbage and I recall thinking he was gone. This is like that dream where you dream your wife left you for the loser but then you married a stinking rich playboy playmate. Then, you wake up, and you're still married to a 350 lb sweater with a mustache. My dreams are crushed, my hopes ruined, and I'm forever stuck with a loser.
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