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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Lelie should have fired his agent after that stupid move but Ashley thought he was better than he really was and the Broncos knew it. If he stuck around, he would have been known as a Bronco for life, commercials, possible staff job with the team, etc. Now, he was a journey man and no one would claim him except Hawaii, his school. Reality check. You think you are a #1 and then you leave and you are no better than a #3.
Made some great catches almost all if them out of bounds or in the end zone where he could not be tackled.
I think he was afraid of getting hit. Being from the old WAC he was a man amount boys no cb could cover him and he was fast enough no one caught him..

But then everyone in the NFL was as good as he was
Ask him to go over the middle he had alligator arms. What a waste of a DAFT choice.
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