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Default Von Miller’s ceiling is being the very best defensive player in the NFL and a Hall of Famer.

What is Miller’s ceiling? How good can he become? I asked Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. whether he thinks Miller can become the game’s next well-rounded star at linebacker. His response was eye-popping. Williamson has been in NFL buildings. He knows scouting. He does not major in hyperbole. I’ve always found his analysis of players to be level-headed and without nonsense.

So when Williamson said “Miller’s ceiling is being the very best defensive player in the NFL and a Hall of Famer,” I didn’t take it lightly.

The Broncos’ coaches love that Miller feels the urgent need to become a complete player. They know they have a star on their hands. They love that Miller doesn’t act like one.

“Von Miller is a young player with a lot of talent that is only scratching the surface right now,” new Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio said. “He could be phenomenal; he just needs to continue to work.”

Added Fox: “The sky really is the limit. He can be as good as he wants to be, and Von wants to be really good.”

Glad that Von isn't content on being a "one trick pony" ala derrick thomas. Instead he's working hard to become a complete player one worthy of comparison to Lawrence Taylor.

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