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I miss Wade
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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Good logic. For the most part..
But think in this manner..

24 other teams have to pass on him before we would get him and IF we did then we would be on the hook for s contract as it stands..

Therefore more likely he will clear waivers and then try and make a deal with his best deal..

Most likely NOT in DEN because of the money crunch if they have any hope of tryiing to sign Clady this year..
As 2KBack pointed out, I am generally talking about veteran players here so no waivers. Remember, there is no plan B. And I think the allure of playing on a team with PFM that they think they could bolster is a major reason why said example player would have Denver on the short list and maybe even take a slightly lesser contract.

The only 2 cuts that have caught my attention are Gaffney and Cooley. I will be very interested to see what shows up at LB.
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