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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Hard to tell if you are joking or not. I don't think you are being serious. What Broncos fan, or any fan for that matter, hopes his team loses a playoff game, or any game for that matter. The ONLY game you could even think about wishing to lose is if you were 1-13 or something and a loss would give your the 1st overall pick and somebody like Andrew Luck was sitting there waiting for you. But you're talking about losing a playoff game. That's insane dude. The only way you get one of these...... to WIN playoff games to reach the Superbowl. Cmon dude.
Actually serious as a heart attack..

Had we been in a position to win the next week and we all know we were not then losing the game would have gotten us at least 8 earlier picks in each round.

Ifmyounreallynthink we had a chance to want e Super Bowl with Tebow and this team then trying to explain logic will be over your head..

I'd love to win playoff games IF it leads to going to the Super Bowl.

But alas We played a real team the next week that was unlike PIT that was at about half staff when they hit the third quarter..

I really dislike getting my ass handed to us in the playoffs and Just maybe this team this year will be able to do more,(barring injuries ) but as much as I loved seeing the Broncos play and win that was a hollow at best win and I suspect when the steelers come to play this year they will show their true colors.

I'd have rather lost a close playoff game to PIT and drafted earlier as well as not pissed them off for our opener.

I'm one of those fans that is looking for long term goals not a hollow cheap victory.
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